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Carbon Credits Certificates Available

Thiambene Solar Agriculture Project – Carbon Credits Certificates Available.

Cody carbon credit scheme

  • Our 3 current village projects together currently use 125 litres of diesel a day during 120 days of the year.
  • This is 15,000 litres year, each litre produces 2.7kg of C02 – 40 tonnes.
  • So each year we have 40 carbon credits available.
  • These carbon credits are available from 1st of January 2024 at a price of £30 per credit.

To purchase please email with the number you wish to purchase and we will send a pro forma invoice.

Once paid…

  • You (with your consent), will be named on our website as the owner of the credits you buy.
  • We provide a weblink to the credits which shows both your ownership and the projects.
  • We encourage you to blog about the project.
  • You will be welcome to the villages at any time.
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